Setup PKI for new ITAR/CUI environment

This is Part 1 of a multi-Part Post. Implementing a PKI into your Windows environment should not be taken lightly. If you fail to implement and secure it correctly it can result in the complete compromise of your Windows Active Directory environment, and all connected Azure AD or other environments.…

Differences between Azure Public and Azure Government

I will work to share some of the functional differences and minor issues between Azure Public and Azure Government features and functionality. Obviously there is the difference in endpoints and URLs for managing features. Azure Public Azure Government/GCC-High Azure Portal https://portal.azure.com h…

Getting your Azure Government Tenant

Getting your first Azure Government tenant for GCC-HIGH and IL4 operations isn’t as simple as signing up on line. You have to go through a number of approval steps with Microsoft and the U.S. Government then work with an approved reseller to get your licenses. Azure Public and the commercial M…

Building an ITAR/CUI environment with connection for R&D and factory operations

If you are manufacturing a physical ITAR item you also need to be able to support R&D, factory/manufacturing (forward logistics), failure analysis, various reliability testing, release, and support/return (reverse logistics) as well. By including R&D and manufacturing in the process means yo…

Microsoft IVAS CS3 HUD
Where have I been – The Bootstrap

Over the last 3 years I was first the Individual Contributor then the people manager accountable to design, implement, secure and ensure compliance on the ITAR/CUI compliant infrastructure for the IVAS program at Microsoft. I will be sharing my learnings and knowledge of how to build an ITAR complia…

The Expert Generialist


I have 20+ years of hands of experience designing, building, operating and securing environments and performing forensics/investigations on digital assets. I have experience with green-field new startups, to enterprise environments, and DoD U.S. Army programs.

I hold CISSP, Microsoft Services, mobile and computer forensics, and DoD certifications and clearances.

My experience includes designing and building systems, infrastructure, teams, and complete compliance/security programs to handle trade secrets, ITAR, and U.S. Government CUI for digital, operational and physical environments.

I worked to build the engineering environment and IT systems for Microsoft IVAS program and support manufacturing of next generation Augmented Reality systems.



Expert in Digital, Operational, Physical Security, Forensics


Architecting and implementing scalable hybrid cloud environments


End-to-End network, client, server infrastructure